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Blue Twilight Zone

robot paintings

click for essay, “The obsession with creating ‘perfect female robots’: Should women be worried?”

Warning:  this post contains material of a sexual nature that is not appropriate for children and may be objectionable to some adults.

Last night I watched a 45-minute netflix offering about the subject of fembots, called, “My Sex Robot”.

Going to wikipedia, a fembot is defined as, “A gynoid, or fembot, is a female humanoid robot. Gynoids appear widely in science fiction film and art. As more realistic humanoid robot design becomes technologically possible, they are also emerging in real-life robot design.”

The short documentary focused on a couple of inventors working on creating marketable fembots, where their target consumers are those with fembot fetishes. The rest of the show featured two fembot fetishists and one man whose girlfriend willingly was hypnotized into going into fembot mode in the bedroom.

Besides feeling like I’d dropped into a Blue Twilight Zone, it was fascinating to see how fervently the inventors are to get these fembots up and running, or would that be down and humping. It was also fascinating to see how far away they are from designing anything that can remotely duplicate the wondrous real life human body. One of the inventors estimated he’s spent half a million dollars so far!

Just as complicated are the reasons which led the three men featured to seek the company of something other than a compatible human companion. One of the men had been severely bullied as a kid in his rough neighborhood because he looked different than everyone else in his hood. He turned to science fiction stories pre-puberty for escapism, then it developed into a fetish as he became an adult. One of the men had recently been left by his female partner and was extremely reluctant to get hurt again. The third man, the one whose girlfriend gets hypnotized, developed his fetish and wasn’t looking for a fembot necessarily but wanted to have his girlfriend roleplay one.

Although their reasons varied in how the fembot fetish developed, one thing was consistent across all three of them. They were all interested in having sex with a partner with a vacant, robotic look in their eyes, who never said no to anything, and who responded to them in a way that was between docile and being in a coma.

I’d be very interested in hearing any thoughts about any of this.  To me, it’s a disturbing, but inevitable symptom of our deteriorating human condition in the technological age.

click on the link to read an essay on The Twilight Zone — Season 1 — “The Lonely”


word of the day challenge — docile

Fandango’s One Word Challenge — coma

23 thoughts on “Blue Twilight Zone

    1. i agree, it is very ambiguous. love is in the brain but manifest through the body. when the brain has been subtracted beyond brain stem function… they are starting to show humans falling in love more and more with AI in film (two that come to mind are “Her” and “Blade Runner 2049”) but both of those are psychological.

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  1. It is very disturbing and the picture at the bottom of your post with the missing face and circuitry in the skull cavity is downright frightening. I would rather look at open heart surgery. And here is the most disturbing thing from my perspective. There has been a faction of the male gender that have always wanted vacuous women to f#>¥. It may be a symptom of our times but my guess is it has been going on for a lot longer. Now they are inventing an actual robot. Inventors will always invest money into products they know will sell. So the thing has always been there we just have the technology now. And honestly I would rather have that available to men who need it, which may keep vulnerable women safe. Or it may exacerbate the issue when the men find that their manipulative tendencies are not getting rewarded. Unless of course, that sort of sordid thing is programmed into the robot. But to be fair and not generalize, I would bet that there is a faction of women out there that would want a male bot. But the problem with investment strategies is they go after the money. Without looking at stats my guess would be men have more discretionary income to pay for an expensive playmate. But overall it is a damn shame and a horrible indicator of our society’s trajectory. I kind of wrote about AI in my SciFi short story Faraway Galaxies. I do plan to expound on the inevitable demise of the society we know and love. Glad I was born in the sixties and got to grow up with hippies and the love generation. I feel sorry for kids today. Who knows what their brain’s circuitry will be like a few generations from now. Or hopefully the men that are into robots won’t generate offspring. Ok I waxed philosophical. Thank you for the thought provoking topic!

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  2. I get it. People have been really hurt and disappointed, but they still crave companionship. I understand that for these men it’s a sexual fetish, but for me it would be something like a lifesize male Alexa with a complex communication system to converse and cuddle with. I’m really tired of being lied to and treated like crap by human males in the dating arena.

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    1. What was interesting is the man who was bullied as a kid finally “came out” to his two friends, one who was another guy about his age and one a very cute girl that seemed very interested in him. He was getting the companionship he needed from his friends, and one of those friends was cute and interested, but still he wanted a fembot. About men who lie and hurt: I really think they are ill-equipped to interact with us on equal ground and so they THINK they need to deceive and gaslight in order to control us. I’m on a permanent(?) vaca from it and doing just fine.

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  3. What an absolutely fantastic topic, l can understand why people might find it disturbing, but l see no oddidity to it. I remember watching a similiar programme a year ago on Channel 5 where they were talking about these new ‘lifesize dolls’ that had been designed to a manga style and that did freak me out because principally the dolls are very childlike, and l didn’t like the aspect that may encourage adults to pursue a relationship with a child especially as these dolls were already considered sexx toys, so on those grounds no, that is NOT a good thing to promote.

    But having said that as a role to companionship to adults l can see that function. Society is very demeaning to certain other parts of society and has no sympathy for some people, who do not act in the way that normalcy might define it. How about those whom are incredibly and painfully shy, should they be denied companionship in what ever role it takes?

    People need to start looking at more things openly, and whilst they are willingly allowing the likes of digital everything into their homes and not thinking twice, the presence of perhaps a lifesize robotic companion even if for sex is considered as alien as AI itself was when it first appeared.

    Soon this wave of sex machines will be not even be a second thought, perhaps twenty years if not less with the way of digital progression. I think if managed correctly it might be the a way forwards to really aiding society.

    As to the ‘oh well it’s not human, it’s morally wrong, it’s sick, it’s freaky’, yes of course it is at this present time, or it really? How many couples have unemotional sex now with so called loving partners, and feel nothing? Sex machines are programmed and soon will be seen with more advanced programming to respond to literally a more emotional way. They will respond to who you want, very similiar to the role playing aspect of your post.

    My partner will not do this …. or will not allow me to do that! Is their request wrong of their partner, is their partner a prude, has no fantasty aspect to them, a stickler for traditional only and this is not gender specific it happens to both sides of sexuality. But a robotic sex machine will allow the partner to perform these things and not think twice about it. Somewhere in our not too distant future we will see husbands and wives alike allowing their partners to spend time freely with their sexual companion because there is no emotion, so are they cheating? Is it adultery, or just another big girls/big boys toy albeit sexual?/Companionship?

    I spent a while as an male Escort in London in the early 90’s – unemotional sex – a sexual outlet – a distraction l served freely when l wasn’t just eye candy on someelse’s arm for a dinner function. Today’s fascination is already tomorrow”s rapidly growing reality. And why? Because society has made it so in many respects.

    Great toopic, thanks for posting.

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    1. Very well-composed and thoughtful response. I’m not opposed to anything you’re saying here. There are a lot of new questions and issues that will arise as this happens, because I believe it will happen. One is that a marriage/partnership is a combination of the companionship and the physical intimacy. If these things get separated, will it change the nature of long-term relationships? Will people partner with others for different reasons? Or will the notion of partnership itself fade? Heinlein wrote a book, “Friday”, where families consisted of pods of individuals instead of the current configurations. It’s been awhile since reading it, but procreation was effected in a lab rather than biologically. While these things are feasible — they can clone family pets now, for $50k!!!!! — how will it change what we call humanity?

      Maybe it’s looking to far into the future and sometimes these visions must be suspended for those living now. The painfully shy and/or otherwise incompatible for relationships with other humans do have a right to get their needs met as long as nobody gets hurt. I’m afraid though that the one getting hurt might be them, as it may reinforce their sense of isolation and make it even less likely they will join the human (rat) race.

      Yes, it is a great topic of discussion 🙂

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      1. The answers really are no one truly knows, but society as we know it is changing and fast.

        i think in the next years, terms that we grew up will be outdated, already terms we are familiar with are viewed as anti-quated and historical. The youth of today view things differently to their adults.

        In the 80’s/90’s when at a nightclub males/females would dance together, by the later 90’s the two sexes were dancing in same sex groups.

        More and more women these days say they do not need a man in their lives, more women than men especially.

        There are more single Mothers by choice, than because of some of the older generation reasons.

        These will nor be called sex machines/slaves in our future – they will just be known as personal compamions.

        Authoratarians do very little to meet the needs of the lonely already.

        Most online gaming experiences went through the phase of community was everything and now many specifically promote the solo online gaming experience, because people are getting tired of interacting.

        Dating agencies rely mostly now on Internet connection only, everything is done by a portable hand set whereas as little as 20 years ago, social dating was done very differently indeed, and online dating was considered a joke.

        It’s all about compatibility, and demand and what society wants 🙂

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    1. I guess it isn’t surprising. I knew about the dolls in Japan but these moving dolls take it to a whole new level. I read an article early this week about how they are working on implants in the brain where you can wirelessly control your VR gaming. This will probably work with the fembots also. What creeps me out is the fixation these guys have where they fantasize about a blank stare…

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