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Off They Go^


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Tonight’s dverse poet’s cafe topic is fire and it can be in any form.  This one may be in a form but no guarantees.


two extinguished travelers

searching for shelter

where warmth could be

and found each other


kindling of combustible memories

tossed into the pyre

ignited by unvalidated emotions

consumed by mutual witness


wounds picked open

their poisons drained

gaping flesh exposed

cauterized with validation


passion roared

heating hearth and home

orange gold windows

frigid blasts held at bay


steaming coffee and tea

warm biscuits with stew

peach pie a la mode

storehouse of nourishment


seasons of drought

parched crops

smoldering fields

gnawing dis-ease


fears reanimate

doubts conflagrate

tempers incinerate

chill infiltrates


cold hearth, empty windows

two extinguished travelers

searching for shelter

where warmth could be


^  the title is a play off of Pearl Jam’s song, “Off He Goes”

(in both title and theme)

33 thoughts on “Off They Go^

  1. could be … says a lot. and we are back into the circuality of the poem… I find myself wanting to change movies and books so the ending can be different…. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, Rob. I was of two minds here. One is that it was the relationship of a lifetime for both of them and may never come again. Another is that both individuals are trapped in the vicious cycle of serial relationships.


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