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Bad Boys

bad boys

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Today’s Word of the Day Challenge is immature.  Although the word immature doesn’t show up in my poem, I hope it describes it enough to pass for the prompt!


boys toys

man cave

bros before hos

sex slave

drinkin’ a brewski

watching the game

men don’t do dishes

laundry, the same

must have 4×4

and a giant belt buckle

deer camp

pole dancers

noogie with knuckle

booty call

on the down low

they want it all

bae unhappy? So?

commitment a toxin

fidelity too


Ending (A)

ladies want bad boys

wish it weren’t true


Ending (B)

grow up guys

ladies dont’ want you


Which one do you think it is and why?

27 thoughts on “Bad Boys

      1. Because they are a challenge. Girls want to prove to themselves that they can have them? I don’t know. I always liked bad boys but I never understood why. Nice guys seemed to easy, to simple. Of course… I learned the hard way that this is dumb. Not necessarily those guys you are describing, but a bad boy is a bad boy no matter which type he is ya know?

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        1. i like your response. yes it seems to be an “ingrained problem” that we want to “fix”, but the irony is if we could fix it we would become bored because they turned into nice guys. it is a dilemma for sure.

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  1. Frankly speaking girls do get attracted to bad boys, for reasons not known to mankind, but it’s the good ones they want to spend their lives with.
    But not all nice guys turn out to be nice. So you always have to be careful.

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    1. I think you’re right, Punam. I just watched “The Last Movie Star” with Burt Reynolds, a notorious bad boy. It’s a loose autobiography. In there he tells a young woman (paraphrasing), “Stay away from the bad boys. You’ll never change them.”

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