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neighbor’s choice

.red = lipstick plant, pink = bleeding heart plant, white = dutchman’s breeches

Fandango’s FOWC is occur, the Word of the Day Challenge is zenith, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are chess, aliens, greenhouse

Bart and Cindy had inherited the small cottage from Bart’s mother way back when. Across the lane lived Mr. Pena, a community college professor, and his wife and three sons. Mrs. Pena grew flower and vegetable plants in her greenhouse, then sold them in the spring.  Mrs. Pena also wrote a weekly newspaper column on chess strategies for advanced players.

Mr. & Mrs. Pena had both been born and raised far north, and that’s where both of their families were. At the end of the spring term, when the greenhouse selling season was over, the whole family headed north and spent the summer in their summer home, near their families. Just before they left, Mr. Pena would come over, bearing flats of flowers, or sometimes just a few special annuals as parting gifts. He always said they were from Mrs. Pena; further, if they wanted more they were in the compost heap that they tossed all of the unsold plants into.

Usually it never occurred to Bart & Cindy to go get more plants, as they already had more than enough in their garden to take care of. At spring’s zenith, however, they discussed expanding their garden and experimenting with plants heretofore alien to them. Cindy texted Mrs. Pena and asked her what unusual plants might they find in the compost heap. Mrs. Pena said there were lipstick plants, bleeding hearts, and Dutchman’s breeches in the pile. Bart googled their images so they would know what they looked like. They were very pleased with the new space and plants and agreed every year they would try growing at least one new variety of plant.

16 thoughts on “neighbor’s choice

    1. Based on a true story! We didn’t inherit the cottage, we bought it from my grandparents. The neighbors were from the Upper Peninsula of MI and the guy really taught at the community college and the lady really had a greenhouse, and they really did leave us the plants ❤

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