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Dream haibun


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It was actually earlier this morning when I was in the state between sleep and waking that I dreamed this, but the haiku was not in word, but in visual form, so would that make it a vision more than a dream? Not sure. Anyway, I received the image of a piece of grass close up, as if I was very small, with a mote of dust caught on the tip of the grass and moving in the breeze, then felt God was smiling at it. I didn’t see God, but felt God looking at it and smiling.

Dust mote caught by breeze

on the tip of a blade of grass

makes God smile.










15 thoughts on “Dream haibun

  1. Max, don’t be, I should start putting links back in for the forms. I didn’t know until recently what one was either. Live and learn ๐Ÿ™‚ It was as real as a dream can get.

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