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Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 15 June 2019 — Every Summer

saturday mix with sarah

Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Saturday Mix. For this week’s Lucky Dip, Sarah reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Cascade form poem. Sarah says:

Good luck with your ‘Lucky Dip Cascade’ – I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to tag ‘Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’, ‘Saturday Mix’, and hashtag #LuckyDip.

Every Summer

Jumbling along on the rider
Looking up at sheer blue
Down to waving green
Critters flee
Making the circuit

Freed by bright rays
Wind’s sheer whirling dance
Sounds of life muffled
Lulled by the rumble
Jumbling along on the rider

Green ahead becomes all
With the whirring blades
Around the trees
Along the pond
Then looking up at sheer blue

Carrying loppers to cut through
Blackberry brambles, thorned tree limbs
Stopping every so often
To pull chlorophyll detritus
Aside from waving green

Wheeled monster rumbles
Terror of whirling teeth
Voles, grasshoppers, snakes,
Praying mantis, moths, bees,
All critters flee … but me

Summer’s ritual
Answering growth’s cry
Taming nature
In ever smaller spirals
Making the circuit



20 thoughts on “Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 15 June 2019 — Every Summer

    1. Thanks, Jim. It is one word that encompasses all of that mess that has to be clipped away or moved aside. I just came in from pulling up a dirty mess of poison ivy that I should have pulled up at first sight. I wore thick gloves and washed my arms thoroughly to get off any oil that may have touched me from its leaves. I pray that was enough! It had started creeping up the pine trees and invading my hosta.

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  1. You have reminded me of all the weeding I need to do.
    Though some of my garden plants do not like me; black nightshade, poison ivy, creeping myrtle, burn hazel… just to name a few!

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    1. I’ve had terrible bouts of poison ivy rash, where it took some time but figured out my dog, Chauncey, was running through it, then sitting in my spot (our shared spot, to be more accurate) on the couch. This resulted in a great aversion to messing with it near the house, which is now a major issue to deal with, as it has really spread. I pulled a bunch up (with effort, those suckers go deep over time) yesterday, wearing gloves, then immediately came in and washed with hot sudsy water and threw the clothes in the washer. So far so good. Are the other ones you mention like poison ivy if it touches you? UGH. Never heard of burn hazel. What’s your method to avoid “the plague”?

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      1. Weed after it rains, wear long sleeves, elbow length gloves, long leg pants, high socks, cover my feet, use tools and get help! I think I actually have something on my hand… not sure from what though as it just appeared after I got back and do not remember touching anything – But then tomatoes are also in the same family as Poison Ivy… I had not had any issues with that fruit before though.

        Poison Ivy the leaves, stems and roots don’t like me. I show hubby who cuts em and paints weed killer on ’em. They get bagged in plastic and put in the trash. If your neighbor burns the stuff you can inhale it and get a reaction that way too! Be careful!

        Burn Hazel

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        1. Thanks for the tips. I have an old 5-gal bucket I tossed them into and will definitely put them in plastic before throwing in the trash. I had heard that about burning them. Didn’t know there was a paintable weed killer. Another huge issue here are the brambles that look like rose bushes. There is one out back that I swear is as big and round as a tree now. The blackberries are a curse here! They spread everywhere. Also some weed tree with thorns on it. Didn’t know that about tomatoes either.

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          1. I have this other plant that grows by the water – I forget what it is, but someone told me that when there is a nasty plant usually there is a plant that grows near that will counter act the poison. The plant is not quite aloe, but it is sort of like a aloe where if I brushed up against burn hazel I could brake off this other plant and use the sap to ease the itch.

            I’ve got horse chestnuts (not for humans – too much work to get to the nut) that are weed trees, and the three silver maples I have, with the help of the rain have sprouted a gazillion little maples I need to pull. I’ve got some wild berry bushes – gifts from the birds.

            BK32 brush killer is what my hubby uses. Cuts as close to ground and has this one little brush he keeps with the container that he uses to dot/brush the stem that was cut. But the poison ivy, black nightshade and creeping myrtle are very prolific. I have to be careful not to but chemicals in the gully or the creek.

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            1. Interesting about the poison remedy growing nearby. Will look into it. One of my friends hates those maple helicopters and little tree sprout and gets out there and pulls them. I wrote B32 down and will be very judicious in its use. Thank you for the tips, Jules!

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