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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #139 and #MM Saturday Mix — My Transgressive Prescription

My Transgressive Prescription In our tribe, from birth we're taught Follow has its time and place Strength in herd will save your skin Bend the knee and serve with pride Safe we'll be, but are we free? Bound with threads of should and ought Shrug them, soon you'll find disgrace Couched in terms like bad… Continue reading Reena’s Exploration Challenge #139 and #MM Saturday Mix — My Transgressive Prescription

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#MM Saturday Mix — Your love’s return

when quivered lines sigh stable when gentle breeze bare stirs when heart affirms its able when I rest among the ferns I'll sing, recall your fable as hawks fly o'er the trees I'm bound to you, a cable like blooms are bound to bees forgot is “wrong,” the label instead is love renewed return to… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Your love’s return

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#MM Saturday Mix — Only $5!

My roomie in college's combination of impulsiveness and kind-heartedness, in retrospect, led to the worst and best days of my life. The day we walked down to the convenience store and saw the cutest little red-headed girl sitting on the curb with a rattling, scratching box, Mimi couldn't resist the tiny mutt pup for “only… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Only $5!

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#MM Saturday Mix — Spring Symphony

Through the mesh screen Sifts gentle breeze Cats watch birdies Hopped feathered tease Call from the trees Chipmunks chirping Pine cone burping Red-tails lurking Death watch flirting To snatch 'ere flees Dandelion Dots are smilin As they're dyin 'Brellas flyin On warm breeze Sights sounds smells feels Spring charms and heals Pops wide soul squeals… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Spring Symphony

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#MM — Saturday Mix — Cry from the darkness

Cry from the Darkness When all that is is up for profit A call for prophet needs pierce the sky Tortured, twisted souls will never rest Until wrest from darkness by the light   https://youtu.be/81MEDY6ycyU     Sarah Weejars is the host of Mindlovemisery's Menagerie's Saturday Mix.  Sarah says: This week we are seeing double… Continue reading #MM — Saturday Mix — Cry from the darkness

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#MM Saturday Mix – Handyman

When Rita searched Craigslist for someone who could cut up the fallen trees in her yard, her first impression of Cliff was that he was a rough-looking character. His tweed cap looked frayed, the face under it tanned and leathery, his flannel shirt thin in places, his jeans a watery blue where the threading was… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix – Handyman

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#MM Saturday Mix — Too Many Desserts

  Too Many Desserts All flesh is meat, our tastes we sate On carnal plate Our earthly mete The seasoned heat Not care nor pride for what we do Before we're through The harms we cause Will give us pause Our time on earth has been pried loose Necks in the noose So go we… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Too Many Desserts

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#MM — Saturday Mix — Love’s Return

  Love's Return Birds drift warm breezes, Calls echoing to each other, Then land on same branch. I listen for bells on sails Tinkling we'll be kissing soon. Clear skies, winds westward. My schooner flies towards harbor; Birds drift overhead. Bells tinkle like your laughter; Warm breezes touch like your sighs.   Sarah Weejars is… Continue reading #MM — Saturday Mix — Love’s Return

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#MM Saturday Mix — Coronavirus: king of the zoo

The classroom is a zoo. We're caged within its reach. Worldwide it spreads its goo. The classroom is a zoo. It threatens me and you. Grim lesson does it teach. The classroom is a zoo. We're caged within its reach.   My offering today is a triolet form poem. Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery's… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Coronavirus: king of the zoo

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#MM Saturday Mix — Ride ’em, Cowgirl

As the horse had a limp to his gait Made me fall as I reached for the gate As the horse from you leased Pay med bills at the least Or to court for small claims; test your fate.   I went with a limerick, which has, per shadowpoetry.com, a set rhyme scheme of :… Continue reading #MM Saturday Mix — Ride ’em, Cowgirl