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#FF — Swallowed Whole


Every time, the dream was the same. She was piloting a small seaplane. Looking down she saw the ripples on the lake. She had a flawless landing. Exhilirated, the plane was moving towards the floating dock as the smiling resort staff walked towards her. All of a sudden a slimy behemoth leapt out of the dark water and swallowed her, the plane, and all supplies aboard in one gulp. She woke up then, heart pounding.

The dreams had started when Jher, the new big boss in her salaried, elevated position, started making her work overtime every Sunday — just her and him.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the inspirational host of Friday Fictioneers.

Note:  “Swallowed Whole” is also the title of an excellent Pearl Jam song, from their, “Lightning Bolt” album, included here if you want to enjoy a little ecstasy in your world.

61 thoughts on “#FF — Swallowed Whole

  1. Or he’s already done something and her dream world is telling her something needs to change… Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment, Laurie 🙂


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