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#FF — Swallowed Whole


Every time, the dream was the same. She was piloting a small seaplane. Looking down she saw the ripples on the lake. She had a flawless landing. Exhilirated, the plane was moving towards the floating dock as the smiling resort staff walked towards her. All of a sudden a slimy behemoth leapt out of the dark water and swallowed her, the plane, and all supplies aboard in one gulp. She woke up then, heart pounding.

The dreams had started when Jher, the new big boss in her salaried, elevated position, started making her work overtime every Sunday — just her and him.

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the inspirational host of Friday Fictioneers.

Note:  “Swallowed Whole” is also the title of an excellent Pearl Jam song, from their, “Lightning Bolt” album, included here if you want to enjoy a little ecstasy in your world.

61 thoughts on “#FF — Swallowed Whole

      1. Oh…I was thinking of where I work!
        Hey if she has the evidence then yes she should go for it.
        See I only got that she hated it and was worked to death…I didn’t know anything else was going on…I’m slow at times.

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    1. Thanks, Sandra. There are a lot who have dreamed of such situations who cut and run. Nowadays my advice is to gather evidence and fight back. Women (and some men) are held back from success by the “Jhers” and that needs to end.


  1. I agree with some of the other comments – she needs to get evidence and turn the bastard in. Kind of an afterthought, but something you most likely know already – when you are sent a pointed scam email to get you to click, it is phishing but when a high level executive gets one custom made to his or her position, it is whaling – yep, the big boss is often a whale and some don’t feel any guilt in swallowing employees whole…

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    1. Thank you for reading and your comment. Every person will respond differently to this situation. I don’t think she should abandon her new promotion because of some “slimy behemoth.”


    1. Abhijit, it isn’t the part about working Sundays that is bad here (although that wouldn’t be fun) it is what the boss is doing to her when they are “working” together, just her and him.


  2. A good metaphor for a situation too many of us face. You’re right – if she can gather the evidence, she should bring Jher to book. If she can’t, she’ll have to cut and run. Of course, if she has a big, tough boyfriend, another option opens for her…predators tend to be easily intimidated; they look for easy pickings.

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