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dVerse — quadrille — every august

Summer House, Pennsylvania Park, Petoskey, Michigan
Vintage Original Postcard #2765 – August 27, 1925


every august

they’re already
warmed up

warblers gargle
lilies whisper puffs
crickets ratchet time
surfs shush
creeks tinkle
grasses russ
cicadas twang
redtails whoosh
goldfinches chatter
bees hmmmm

if you listen closely
you will hear
green echoes
and small creaks
voices from the trees —
heaven’s accompaniment


De (aka WhimsyGizmo) is the host of dVerse today.ย  De says:
itโ€™s that time again: time to pen a poem of exactly 44 words, including one specific word we provide. Today, Iโ€™d like you to use your voice.


64 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille — every august

  1. I love the relaxing voices of August, Jade, which youโ€™ve brought together in a beautiful onomatopoeic chorus of a quadrille! I especially like the lilies whispering puffs and the green echoes and small creaks of the trees.

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