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Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 17 August 2019 — Dexter & Denny: All’s Well that Ends Well

Dexter was the obsessive-compulsive type. His clothes were arranged by color in the closet, his t-shirts were all folded exactly the same, as were his underwear and socks were folded just-so. Dexter flossed his teeth in the same order every morning and brushed each tooth an exact number of times. He fed his dog exactly 2 cups of kibble per day, no more, no less.

Dexter had a precise line-up of television programs he liked to watch. Like a clock chiming every hour, Dexter’s fingers pushed the buttons of the remote control to the program of the hour. During commercial breaks on the network shows, Dexter prepared and then drank a glass of lemonade during the 8 o’clock breaks, a glass of sherry during the 9 o’clock breaks, and a nice warm cup of herbal tea during the 10 o’clock breaks. Being health-conscious, Dexter drank a glass of water over the 11 o’clock breaks, then began his bedtime ritual, which never varied.

Dexter was a loner more than not. He lived alone and seldom had friends over. One night, his co-worker-friend, Denny, was invited over to watch the Season 9 finale of Game of Thrones. Dexter and Denny’s friendship at work had begun over their shared love of the series from the very first season. Each of them counted on having an in-depth discussion at the water cooler the day after an episode. Both of them were excited and apprehensive about  the episode as they knew it was the end of the series; they wanted to know how it was going to end; and Dexter, at least, wondered if his friendship with Denny would last if they had no GoT to chatter about anymore.

They both settled in, Denny with his brews and crunchies he’d brought with him, and Dexter with his sherry and a bowl of popcorn which he had because it was a special occasion. Subconsciously each breathed a deep sigh of contentment as they put the foot rests on their recliners out. If either were practitioners of eastern philosophy, they would realize they were in a healing meditative state of mindfulness.

The opening credits started rolling, with the music and the maps and their excitement grew. The opening scene began, and …………………….. the TV went blank.

Dexter began frantically pushing the buttons on the remote, drew a blank. “What the !?!?!” he questioned.

Denny, who was an electronics wizard, jumped up and opened the side panel of the TV, as he knew what the black screen of death could mean. Looking into the belly of the beast with the mini-flashlight he carried with him in his pocket protector, he saw the wisps of smoke from burned circuits.

Denny reached for the plug and pulled it out of the outlet.

I’ve got bad news for you, Dex. Your TV’s circuit board is fried. We won’t be watching the season finale on this puppy.”

Before Denny could suggest they go to his place to watch it, Dexter had jumped up and got in Denny’s face, screaming, “What did you do to my TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????”

Wait a minute now. Don’t shoot the messenger!!!!!! Take a chill pill. Let’s go to my place and watch it.”

Denny knew Dexter well enough to know that Dexter didn’t realize how unpleasant his obsessive-compulsive nature was at times, but he was familiar with it, as he had grown up in a household with a father who was just like Dexter. The two jumped in Denny’s car and they only missed 20 minutes of the show.

The next day at the water cooler a whole crowd assembled to talk finale, and the two of them learned what they missed from the others.

The End.

Sarah is the host of Mindlovemisery Menagerie’s Saturday Mix.  Sarah says:
This week we are dipping our toes into the pool of METAPHOR. Our challenge is all about the use of metaphor in our writing. You will need to use the metaphor provided in your response – which can be poetry or prose.  Our metaphor this week is:

Don’t shoot the messenger.


19 thoughts on “Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 17 August 2019 — Dexter & Denny: All’s Well that Ends Well

    1. Yes he was. I was inspired by a series I just finished watching called The Bridge, where one of the lead characters has Aspergers and shows how tolerant and understanding her co-workers are with her. You are welcome.

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  1. I remember being attached to certain shows… not wanting to miss what happened next.
    I’ve only got a few left these days. And with being able to program your television to not miss your shows… I guess there’s always the ‘boxed’ collections. But I’m not that into entertainment via any screen. Give me a good book that will always be around 😉
    I’m reading a three fer (in one paperback from the free library…) Victorian murder mysteries of Mrs. Jefferies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m working on the first book in the Stieg Larsson Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I have no “TV” per se, only netflix and DVDs, where I watch at least one movie or 2 hours of a series per evening.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I remember watching the first movie of the Tattoo series. Maybe the 2nd… a bit scary and violent. I looked… nope I didn’t see the second or third of that series. But then I could be thinking about a different series altogether.

        Liked by 1 person

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