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Coloring Club Plus (minus coloring) 10/12/19

Yesterday afternoon, I was unexpectedly called away to help out friends and then ended up spending the night out of town.  Got back home around 11 a.m. this morning.  Mlady was peering around the corner at the end of the hall to make sure it was me.  Her fur was all puffed out when she came out.  Then she wouldn’t come to me, then laid just out of reach with her ears back, then rammed around the house for 15 minutes.

When I got out of the hot tub (not a hot tub, just a tub of hot water — I dressed for summer yesterday and this morning it was 41F out!) and rested for a moment she mobbed me, which she never does (unless she wants her daily brushing.)  They say cats can’t talk.  I say different.  It appears she missed me.

There is no time nor motivation today to color and do a musical post.  Instead I’ll post a video I took about a week ago.  One of my winter friends who snuggled up against the slider last winter came back.  It was a happy sighting.  This winter I’ll be prepared for what pheasants like to eat, in case he returns.


Also included are pictures of “rose hips.”  There are so many of them out there from wild roses and am wondering if these can be used in tea.


Next is a hilarious Funny or Die video featuring The Black Keys.

To finish the post, The Black Keys doing one of their songs.

15 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus (minus coloring) 10/12/19

  1. Rose hips are a delicious tea. You can dry them on a paper towel (after washing carefully to remove any risk of the prickly bits) near the heater until they shrivel, then store them between sheets to stop them softening. One or two in a cup, excellent Vit C, lovely autumn taste. Enjoy.

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          1. No, but some of the hips have those tiny spines still attached – and they maintain their spininess in the mouth and throat. I didn’t ever get spined, but that’s because I washed and dried them and didn’t drink to the bottom of the cup. I like your use of a one-time bag; some friends have a metal thingy for the loose tea, sits in the cup for the drawing time, then removed and emptied.
            And I’ve always lived where the drinking water needs to be decanted, so being careful to not drink to the bottom is part of my ritual – whether req’d or not! Some habits are hard to break …

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