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dVerse — two polyptotonic poems

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The first one sounds more like a tongue twister than anything.

Monty the Mountaineer

Monty, a mountainous mountaineer,
Mounted a gold-seeking expedition
for the mountains. In the planning,
Supplies mounted and Monty moaned
at the mounting costs. Not known as
being a mountebank, Monty nonetheless
Mounted the mounting costs with a
Go Fund Me on the Mountain page with
a growing mountain of propaganda.
The response was mountainous and
soon Monty was mounting Mount


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Sipping Morning Tea and Watching Birds

Morning rose, with blush of tangerine
I rose with it, with rose-infused cheeks.
Roseate spoonbills stepped over
fallen rosewood limbs on their path
to Rosemary Lake.
Rosemaling teapot
rose hip tea,
Slightly sweetened with sucrose.
With such companions, how
could one be morose? I sipped
and watched the birds pick their
way through erose ferns
mercilessly prosecuted by fall.

Frank H is today’s host for dVerse.  Frank introduced us to a new poetic device, the polyptoton, where, “is a rhetorical device used for style and persuasiveness. It is a special kind of repetition where the common base of a word is repeated, but not the whole word exactly.”  Frank says:
To participate in this challenge use at least one polyptoton somewhere in your poem of less than 200 words.

first graphic:  “The Goldseekers” by Eustace Paul Ziegler (1881-1969)
second graphic:  “Roseate Spoonbill” by Neil Adamson

36 thoughts on “dVerse — two polyptotonic poems

  1. Wow, you blasted the knickers off the prompt. The first poem is cute and clever. I really dug the second one. You take to polyptotons like a goose to a pond. I really did not realize that there could be so many versions of the same word. Kudos for your hard work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice and amazing with all those polyptotons. I like how Mounty used Go Fund Me to get the resources to climb that mountain. And the last line about the ferns “mercilessly prosecuted by fall” near Rosemary Lake.

    Liked by 1 person

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