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dVerse — gifts for that special someone

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I decided to get you a passel of gift certificates this year, including one each for:
1) Santa’s Elves Hammer – to break your fingers, in hopes for a Tweetless 2020
2) Orange duct tape – to match your skin when it covers your mouth
3) Get out of Jail Free card – oops, nevermind.
4) One Congress of frozen yogurt – impeachment flavored
5) One change of heart – good for unlimited miles
6) One soul – do you know how many alt-righters were sacrificed for this one?

Santa’s hammer ting ting tings
Silent Christmas sing sing sings
Lock him up for years of folly
Tra-la la la la la a peach so jolly
Happy heart beats out the chorus
Sacrifice gives much hope for us

It won’t take much guessing to figure out who the passel was for.

Happy Holidays to All. See you in the new year!

Bjorn is today’s host at dVerse.  Bjorn says:
Today I want you to write one (or many) rhymes for a gift (real or imagined) to someone close or to a famous (or imagined) person.  I leave to you if you want to tell us what the gift is, or make it guess.

Dec 10

49 thoughts on “dVerse — gifts for that special someone

  1. I’m chuckling so much in the chill of my study, Jade, that I’m starting to warm up! No guessing who it is indeed! I love the ‘Congress of frozen yogurt – impeachment flavored’! Happy Christmas and fingers crossed for a Trump-free New Year!

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  2. For once, my verses are Trump-free–but as you might expect, I adore it when others cajole his orange ragged butt. Happy holidays, Lisa, and thanks for all your wonderful support this year.

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  3. kaykuala

    Orange duct tape – to match your
    skin when it covers your mouth

    The orange duct tape may well match his hair color too. I think impeachment will not mean much as the Senate is on his side apparently. Really appreciate your humor, Jade!


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