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dVerse — Active Calming

Active Calming

Alarm and anxiety’s fingers, like those of ravening zombies, reach through my consciousness, determined to steal light from day.

I push to snap their menacing pathways closed to keep them away. Their faces press up against the transparent barrier as they pound without tiring.


De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is today’s host for dVerse.  De says:
Just pen a poem of precisely 44 words, including some form of the word close (pronounced either way, and as any form of speech you choose, or invent).

I watched “Train to Busan” last night (a zombie movie) can you tell?

62 thoughts on “dVerse — Active Calming

      1. Thanks! I haven’t see either one. I was taking a break from Korean horror, but maybe I’ll go back to it. Did you see Under the Shadow? It’s an Iranian horror/thriller on Netflix. It’s one of those not sure if it’s real or not type of horror, which is my favorite.

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    1. Hysteria is hovering here right now, especially when my son has to go back into the hospital every day. When I see so many people ignoring social distancing I want to scream. I told him to just quit his job 😦 Yes, if I could go into that picture with my kids and wait it out I’d be a happy camper.

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      1. Yes hysteria is right under the surface. I feel bad for your son…I am freaked out going in a grocery store…I can’t imagine a hospital. I hope he stays alright.

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    1. Train to Busan is the first one I’ve watched in awhile, and it made up for lost time! So scary because it had that same feel of deserted streets and widescale effect on the population. I stay away from the media horror show or I’d go into full-scale hysteria. My son has to go to his hospital job every day and it is driving me to distraction.


  1. I’m going to just focus on that soothing, gently rippling stream flowing under that ancient bridge…so calming. My emotions seem to swing from calm and cool to anxiety and near panic at times. It’s the unknown and the what-ifs–AKA zombies! 🙂 I wish the best for your son.

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  2. I think you have written what many may be experiencing, “Alarm and anxiety’s fingers, like those of ravening zombies, reach through my consciousness, determined to steal light from day.”
    Love the photo.
    Thank you for this gift to my morning.

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    1. I see the zombies as fears that threaten to overwhelm. The nameless, faceless beings that are lurking and waiting to attack, maim, and/or kill can seem like zombies as well. There is little defense against them other than staying away from them, as far as I can see. Yes, strange times are upon us.

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