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Doodads — growing things

As humans agonize over viruses and the ripples from them, life goes on for much of the planet.

Last year I planted Swiss Chard in a large pot and forgot about it.  Glory be, it is alive and kickin.  Soon I’ll be eating homegrown Swiss Chard!

swisschard1_scaled down_041320swisschard2_scaled down_041320

I planted 36 brandywine tomato seeds I saved from last year.  So far only 3 have sprouted, which isn’t encouraging.  I’m about to start a new batch and hope for the best.  Here is one of the trio, growing well and already with second leaves on it.  Even if only 3 plants grow, I’ll have plenty of tomatoes as this variety has great production.

brandywine tomato seedling

Next, 3 of the 4 pots of herbs I planted on the 4th have one sprout each.  Hoping more will burst forth soon!

basil seedling scaled downchives seedling scaled downcilantro seedling scaled down

17 thoughts on “Doodads — growing things

  1. Swiss chard! Oh I miss that tremendously, we can’t get it here.
    On the other hand, I did get a huge box of vegetables today that will last me into next week, and we had chayote shoots!

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    1. I learned about it a few years ago when I bought a season’s share of crops. It’s cut from the stem, julienned, and cooked like greens. It’s one of those things that takes on the flavor of what you’re cooking it with. It’s also very healthy for you — and easy to grow, I now see 🙂

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  2. Its so exciting to see things popping up!
    I’ve got cantaloupe, carrots, cabbage and…sui choy. Nothing up yet but I’m one step ahead of where I was last year, ha ha.
    Congrats on your Swiss Chard! It looks beautiful!

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    1. Oh so awesome on your produce planting. What is sui choi? I’ve heard of bok choi and have used it in stir fry. Congratulations on planting! Thank you on the Swiss Chard. From what I’ve read it will keep coming up now 🙂

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      1. Woot woot! Swiss Chard is so pretty.
        Honestly, Sui Choy looks just like bok choy…I’m guessing it tastes the same. Gues I’ll find out if I can keep my babies alive 🙂

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