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Doodads — 5/18/20

Mlady 051820scaled down
Mlady, trying to look cute (and succeeding.) She’s not fat, it’s lots and lots of fur.
rhubarb open with leaves scaled 051820
The “pod” coming up on a stalk in the middle of the rhubarb.
rhubarb pod open scaled
This thing is strange-looking.  Not sure what it will be once it “blossoms.”

Update:  Curiosity got the best of me, so I went to Old Faithful YouTube and found out what it is.

It says they need to be at least 3 years old to blossom, but mine is only a year old (or a year after planting the store-bought plant.)

20 thoughts on “Doodads — 5/18/20

    1. I remember my grandma making strawberry rhubarb pie and plan on trying it. I think the stems can still be used but there won’t be as many. It shouldn’t take too many to make one pie. I want to see how this flower morphs over time.

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      1. Me, too. I’ve never seen one, and my nan used to grow a whole paddock of rhubarb. Well, it felt like a paddock when I was little. I think the warnings not to touch the plant may have influenced my adult opinion of it.

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    1. Yes it does! I want to see how it morphs over time. Mlady and Dotty have a new buddy that was hanging outside the back slider this morning. Yep, Two Hung Low has decided to trust me ❤ I got pics that I'll post later.

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