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dVerse — quadrille — Unfixed


show me how to live!
the day I tried…
fell on black days
[a]live to rise
my wave
hunted down

head down
burden in my hand

heaven’s dead
black rain
rusty cage

the last remaining light
nothing left to say but goodbye




Today is the three-year deathversary of Chris Cornell, who died after hanging himself in a hotel bathroom after a concert in Detroit. Chris had struggled with depression and abusing mind-altering substances over the years. The post-mortem drug screen done on his body showed no presence of any mind-altering substance – other than the physician-prescribed Ativan, which, though used to treat anxiety, has a nasty side effect of increasing suicide ideation. Chris had an assistant/body guard that was supposed to be with him at all times. He wasn’t there with Chris that night.

All words in the quadrille are titles to songs Chris wrote and/or sang, except the last word. I took two words off of the title in the second line [“to live”] and added an “a” to the title of the fourth line.

Whimsygizmo (aka De Jackson) is today’s host of dVerse.  De says:
Whether you fixate on the word awhile, or go for a quick fix, be sure to include some form of the word in your 44-word poem: Fix. Fixture. Fixing. Fixable. Fixation. Fixer-upper.

Hoping that using it in the title is acceptable.

40 thoughts on “dVerse — quadrille — Unfixed

  1. Okay, so i read the poem, didnt know you had used song titles till i read some comments. Sooo i searched and listened ti sone of the songs in YouTube
    Thanks god the poem and the new music experience


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    1. So glad you went out to listen to some of his songs. They are raw and they are real. One song of theirs that has a good video is “Blow up the Outside World.”


  2. It has taken me all morning to sort out my laptop. I had to search in my cable drawer for an ethernet cable and finally found one – and it works! It just means that I can’t print to my Wi-Fi printers at the moment, I found a laptop I used some years ago, which still works and has Wi-Fi, so I’ll sort that one out later in the week. I’m so glad I got it sorted out because I got to read your poem and I’m a huge Soundgarden and Chris Cornell fan, and love your poem!

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