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Call me Spam

The Origin of SPAM (The Food) & Spam (The Email) | Mental Floss
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All this week, pretty much all comments made in comment sections of others’ blogs are recognized as spam and sent to the blog’s spam folder.  I found this out earlier today when chatting with tech support.  This phenomenon is thought to be courtesy of Gravatar.  WP sent me to a page at Gravatar to let them know about the issue.  After logging out then back in and trying comments again, yep, they still instantly disappear.

If I follow your blog and comment from the feed instead of going to your blog, the comment seems to take as it should.

I don’t follow every blogger I comment on, as some are read through prompts that include a Mr. Linky, such as Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, dVerse Poet’s Pub, and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers.  It isn’t reasonable to add an extra hundred or more to my follow list, which would need to be done to read them all in my feed.  Instead I’m posting this in hopes that anyone who is used to me reading and commenting on your posts sees it and looks in their spam folders for my comments.

Hoping that WP and/or Gravatar get their acts together soon, so I can get back to getting the service I’m paying for here.  Wish me luck please!

31 thoughts on “Call me Spam

  1. I just found two of yours in my spam folder! Thanks for letting me know so i could go check. I try to check every or so, for the odd spammed-in-error comment, but I don’t always remember. Though I ALWAYS appreciate the reminder!
    I hope you’ll be upgraded to steak-level soon!

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      1. It seems to happen sometimes. Not sure how the algorithm ‘decides’ who would get sucked into the Spam vortex, and where, but it seems to happen, and then it gets resolved, and often no one quite knows why. Happened to me in the past, too. I blame goblins.

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  2. I keep my comments open and my Reader feed open all the time in two different tabs and I regularly check my spam folder. Most of my spam comes from people who do not have a gravatar and if they are too lazy to put up some type of image, then I feel it is legitimate spam and I delete it. I never find your comments in my spam folder.

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    1. Sounds like you’re prepared for it and proactive. We’ll see what happens. It’s only been happening for a few days and anyone I follow I’m responding from the feed at least for now.

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  3. Remember a few weeks ago? This same thing happened to me…it was really frustrating. Mine went away the next morning.
    I got your reply today.

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    1. Sorry to hear it happened to you also, Max. I responded to you through the feed. I think it has been fixed. Tonight the comments are going through. It caused me a lot of anxiety 😦

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  4. hope they fix that up soon! I guess I should start checking the spam folder from time to time since both you and Max have had that sort of thing happen to you…might be missing comments worth reading!

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