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FFFC 78 — a rare find

The image is from Lhairton Kelvin Costa at Pexels.

Andy and Lance had gone over this field dozens of times over the years. Now both in their 70’s their steps were a little shorter and the wave of the detector a little slower.

That sunny Saturday morning Andy’s machine had a conniption fit. What on earth could it be. He spaded up the area under the old oak tree and pulled up the clump. His wand went haywire as it passed over it. Clearing away roots, a key was revealed. Washing it off showed it was a skeleton key from early Roman times, in the Bronze age. Andy had promised Toni a special surprise for their 25th wedding anniversary. With proceeds from the sale of the key to the museum, he planned on buying two tickets to Rome for them.

The End.

This is a piece of fan-fic for my new favorite series, Detectorists. I just finished the 3rd season and I’m hooked.



Fandango is the host of Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.

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