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dVerse — MTB: Stream of Consciousness — To My Son

Danny laughing scaled

Danny with Gonzo as baby scaled
Gonzo wanted to play tug of war.



My subject to write on was my older son, now in his 30’s.  We had lunch together outside of his workplace yesterday.  We sat in our bag chairs on a spot of grass off of the parking lot.

I set the timer for ten minutes and let the stream flow. Then I read through the page and circled words that jumped out, which are the words in the beginning of each line. In parentheses, I added to the lines to create the poem.

Son (bright in the sky)
strong (beams travel to earth)
character (that twinkle with wisdom)
calm (absorbent well)
vision (beacon to orient by)
grow (facets reflecting)
favor (seasoned warmth)
morphing (diffusing, expanding)
adjusting (dynamic lens)
star (traversing light years)
unseen (spirit traveler)
threatened (at shadows edge)
wonder (mysterious)
attention (and mindful)
backlash (challenges met)
carry the burden (with stoic steps)
move forward (morning comes)
arise (each day)

Here, without the circled words, is the poem:

Bright in the sky,
beams travel to earth
that twinkle with wisdom.

Absorbent well,
beacon to orient by,
facets reflecting
seasoned warmth.

Diffusing, expanding
dynamic lens
traversing light years.

Spirit traveler
at shadows edge,
and mindful;
challenges met
with stoic steps.

Morning comes
each day.


Grace is today’s host of dVerse.  Grace says:
write a stream-of consciousness poem.

66 thoughts on “dVerse — MTB: Stream of Consciousness — To My Son

  1. I love the way you’ve highlighted all the qualities you love and appreciate in your son: his character and your pride as a mother both come shining through. I am in the process of writing poems about my sons and this has inspired me to get on with it!

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  2. How very creative, and clever to let us in on the process. Certainly a unique way of rocking the prompt. I’m old school. I just start writing, only lifting the pen to start on fresh pages of paper.

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    1. Thank you, Glenn! I tried closing my eyes and writing with automatic writing first but nothing emerged, so I did your old school thing and wrote for 10 minutes. As the subject matter was a little too revealing, I went on to the next step.


    1. Kate, he hasn’t read it yet, but maybe by tomorrow, and yes, he probably will be when he reads it. Who he is is who he has chosen to be. Not to my credit, but thank you for saying it ❤

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    1. Thank you, Dwight. We decided we are going to start making it a regular occurrence, at least until this pandemic gets under control. Both of my sons are good people and for that I am blessed to be their mother.


  3. How Dear it is For A Mother to Write
    A Poem For A Son Even Dearer
    For A Son to Find A Poem
    For my Mother Wrote Me
    Such a Poem on my
    33rd Birthday on 6.6.93…
    i will Never understand why
    She Didn’t Deliver it then but
    i guess it was meant to be for i found
    that Letter in Her Home After She Passed
    Away in 2017.. 8 Days Without Food or
    Drink as She Met Her Death Bed
    That Year on Valentine’s
    Day Beating my Sister
    in Scrabble yet
    Then Finding
    Stage 4 Breast
    Cancer Bleeding
    Spread to Her Brain
    Her wish to go as Naturally
    As Possible Doctor Said
    Unusually Strong HeART
    Usually it only takes 3 Days
    to Go That Way Without Water
    or Food Under Hospice ‘Natural Care’…
    my Mother Started Writing Poetry in Shapes
    in Her 50’s as i did.. i could Not Understand It for
    Then Work/School for Decades Had taken any Art Away
    from my HeART A Western World of Mechanical Cognition
    Indeed makes
    And Terminator
    Machines out of
    all of us if we do not
    Put Art in HeART indeed
    Free Verse in Poetry for the
    Ocean Otherwise Loses the Water
    And Waves as Ocean Whole Soul this
    Way as Poetry only becomes another Paint
    By Number Science Project Free Verse Oldest
    Written and Oral Tradition Poetry Escaping Restricted
    Neo-Cortex Control indeed the Essence of Tao in the Words
    We Bring
    From Deep
    Within A
    Wing on
    A Bird
    No Restraint
    There is a Good
    Vibration in Your
    Poetry Home
    Here Sharing
    i am currently
    Celebrating 7 Years
    of Writing Literally the
    Longest Epic Long Form
    Poem what i name as a Personal
    Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL” Anniversary
    Date on 8.18.2020.. yes.. 8.4 MiLLioN Words
    of Steady Stream of Consciousness Tao
    Flow of Poetry this way 100,000 Words
    Each Month on Average but of
    Course the Ocean
    Cares not
    Ever For
    The Shores
    Only Spread Free
    Where the Waves
    Come and Go Always
    Free as Waves are Water
    And Ocean Whole Free also
    Celebrating 13,544 Miles of Public
    Free Verse Ballet and Martial Arts
    Dance in the Same 7 Years for
    indeed at 60 Years-Old as i
    will never accept
    a Penny
    Now for
    i’ve done
    For the
    Sake of Putting
    Art Back in HeART
    For He is Not enough to Truly Breathe
    That way nor is SMarT Without
    Art oF EartH Without Art
    of Ocean
    Wave and
    Water Free
    Ends what
    Will Love Do
    When Love Breathes
    What Will Love Bring even more Free
    Thanks for reminding me of my Mother’s Poem
    Letter True my Celebration would be amiss without
    in a Son
    With A Soul True..:)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Freddy, thank you so much for your waves of free verse. Your mission of the beat of the heART of poetry is wonderful. So glad you remembered your mom’s poem to you. It’s easy to see she thought the world of you. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing your process. It is always fun to hear how others write. I can relate to this so well, as I am a mother of two sons that I adore. My most recent is one that you might relate to.
    Take care and keep shining your light.

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