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#FF — Culinary Campaign

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

All season they march out, culinary soldiers, to our raised bed, pillaging our peppery leaves and primary-colored blossoms. Armed with birchwood baskets, their hands reach with harvesting intent, plucking at-will, collecting our dismembered corpses with bright smiles. Some even whistle as they work. Then back they trudge to dissect and torture their plunder.

When sun reaches zenith, their generals come, line along the windows, make us watch as they grind our friends between their molars, washing them down with the crushed corpses of our neighbors who’ve been culled from the vines.

Ghosts of the fallen line the tables, never released.

[100 words]

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the smiling host of Friday Fictioneers.

58 thoughts on “#FF — Culinary Campaign

  1. Well dang, Lisa! I just ate a bowl of cereal and now I feel a bit bad for it. 🙂 Great story, it’s all about perspective.
    By the way, love the Bernie Sanders platform image on your side bar. If only, right? I still have my Bernie sticker on my laptop and I get thumbs up from people sometimes when I’m in the coffee shop.

    Have a good week.

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    1. Ha ha Wheaties and the silent scream, eh? Thanks for your funny comment. Thanks on Bernie, his platform is a good one and let’s hope Biden and Kamala do their best to move every bit of it towards reality for everyone.
      You too (have a good week)

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  2. I’ve always thought plants were as sentient as animals. There are certainly healthful and political reasons to prefer a vegetable diet, but to say animals feel pain and plants do not makes no sense. (K)

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    1. If a person wants to stay alive, something else has to die. Not a system I’d want to claim as my crowning achievement, but it is what it is. Thanks for reading and commenting, Dale.


  3. After I read “The Secret Life of Trees” I can’t garden without trying to spare my plants from prolonged agony; as my omnivore daughter says “at least I know it’s dead when I eat a steak” food for thought.

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  4. Jesus! I remember hearing as a kid that plants scream but at a pitch we can’t hear. I always thought it was nonsense. I don’t remember this, but my mom says she took me to a butcher when I was three to see the animal corpses, so I would know what I was eating. I was like, “All right. Can we go get a burger?” We have two options, eat or don’t. I do strongly believe the way the animals are treated before slaughter is horrific, Dexter was more humane, and the additives are tantamount to poison. Again, we have a lack of options.

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      1. I wouldn’t make a good vegetarian. I get it. I just couldn’t do it. My friend’s step-nephew is the son of a butcher who is dating a vegan. He cheats on her with bacon. That sounds like a joke, but it’s true.

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        1. Beef is 99.9% off of the table for me and 100% of pork. Oh, I know that’s no joke about the bacon! How in the world did a butcher’s son and a vegan get together? Maybe they each dream of being tantalized by the other’s dietary choices?

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          1. Isn’t pork healthier than beef? I thought white meat was favored in the white vs. red meat debate. For me it’s all about taste. I just love a good burger. I will often opt for chicken instead because it’s healthier. Pork just doesn’t have the same appeal for me.

            I don’t know how they got together, but that’s not an isolated incident. My dad used to work with a guy who previously worked as a butcher, met a girl went vegan. I’ll go the polite route and say, “Love conquers all.”

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            1. Pigs are too intelligent to eat and the idea of them suffering in barred holders where they can’t move around is intolerable. Same as the other critters, but worse.

              I still haven’t figured out the chemistry vs. love thing and probably never will. I do know it has little to do with logic.

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