POPO2022 day 18 — butterfly bouquet

butterfly bouquetquadruple rainbows gatheralong floral stems butterfly bouquetunusual convergencebermudan puzzle quad rainbows gathercharisma’s kaleidoscopebobbing with the wind along floral stemssipping straws unfurledsweet garden party

POPO2022 day 17 — dragonflies

sticks live – and they fly is how they maneuver why they’re dubbed dragonfly? sticks live – and they fly rainbow bodies, gossamer wings hunting over fields how they maneuver belies their simple design – except for their eyes they’re dubbed dragonfly sky’s tiny smokeless terrors unlit cigarettes

POPO2022 day 16 — drunken lout

karma comes to play when a bastard goes astray barrel bottom blues karma comes to play in wee hours or bright of day stark silence of fail when one goes astray to a place of no return dingos sniff your trail barrel bottom blues as they rip out your entrails pieces everywhere

POPO2022 day 15 — 2 big 1 small mushroom

in White Chub Kingdom all subjects wear dark brown caps they travel by threes in White Chub Kingdom button babies are nurtured and never sauteed subjects wear brown caps of the finest soft velvet raindrops dance on them they travel by threes having odd conversations about risotto

POPO2022 day 14 — geranium ivy

from green tendrils spring pink petals, umbrella leaves swaying joie de vivre from green tendrils spring nature’s delicate dancer yet surprising strength pink petals; leaves climb spider stems to the sky pulled by sun’s music swaying joie de vivre oblivious of its charm butterfly magnet

POPO2022 day 13 — morning glories

morning’s glory comesflat, still shadows slink awaynature’s palette arise morning’s glory comesthe faithful’s known miraclebalm for desperate shadows slink awaytheir dread-filled pools abandonedas hope tiptoes in nature’s palette riserose, butter, tangerine skye’er fresh gift for life

POPO2022 day 12 — sunflower

from one tiny seed sun-mopped beanstalk giant grows in awe of itself from one tiny seed creative life force explodes warm dirt’s dynamite beanstalk giant grows inches per day, if you watch violets titter in awe of itself how close it is to heaven! bows head – birds alight please note this is not an…